The Best Rewards Program in Town

At Cappza’s, we’re committed to giving you REAL food and REAL service all the time. So when we decided to create a rewards program, we knew it had to offer REAL REWARDS!

It’s very easy … you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

When you reach 100 points, we give you $10 in Cappza’s Bucks to use on your next order.

All you need to sign up is an email address and phone number. We’ll use your phone number to keep track of your points … no need for an annoying membership card! Even better, you can include multiple phone numbers in your account – like your office, cell or others, to maximize the reward potential! Look out for our special emails, too – they’ll have special offers and opportunities for bonus points. When you earn Cappza’s Bucks, they’ll be emailed to you as well!

We’ll also send you a special deal for your birthday, anniversary, and even your spouse’s birthday. (We promise, we won’t tell anyone how old you are!)

Points will be added to your account instantly, the minute you place an order. Check your balance anytime by returning here.

Cappza Rewards is brand new. With anything new, it might need some fine tuning. We’ll let you know if we make any major changes to the program. Likewise, make sure to tell us what you think! Send us a note anytime.

By the way, for a limited time get $5 off your next purchase of $10 or more, just for signing up! (See, we meant it when we said Real Rewards!) Click below to join now!

Other Things to Know:

  • Your points never expire, but all of the offers and rewards have varying expiration dates. So be sure to check your email often so you don’t miss out on a deal!
  • Points are calculated based on your net order amount (before tax & delivery). They also are given for the whole dollar amount. (ex. Order Total = $24.57: Reward Points = 24)
  • Online orders receive points, but are entered manually by store management, so it may take 24 hours before you see them posted.
  • Offers and rewards can not be redeemed online at this point. However, you are welcome to place your order online and call the store to have your rewards offer added on before you pay. (Sorry for the inconvenience!)
  • You can edit your account information anytime by clicking the “edit my account information” link at the very bottom of every Cappza Rewards Club e-mail.