We’re saddened to announce that the Cappza Rewards program is coming to an end.

Effective Monday, January 24th, points will no longer be earned.

Any earned rewards will be honored until their expiration date.

Two things weigh heavily on us in making this decision, and rather than blaming COVID (that’s so 2021), we want to shoot it to you straight…

We’ve recently made required upgrades to our point of sales systems; an unintended consequence was that our computer system is no longer compatible with the third-party vendor app that operates our rewards program.

We’ve spent weeks trying to work with both parties to find a solution, but ultimately, it doesn’t appear a viable solution will happen anytime soon.

Secondly, we’ve seen incredible challenges related to our supply chain, the primary challenge being a 25–30% price increase in almost all of our ingredients in the past year. With that in mind, we’re trying to tighten up our expenses without cutting quality and service.

In order to maintain the level of quality and the service you’ve come to expect from Cappza’s, we’ve made the tough choice to end the rewards program…for now.

We’re hopeful that down the road we’ll be able to work out the problems and develop an even better, more sustainable program.

We know that you had an existing point balance that unfortunately you didn’t have a chance to finish earning a reward with. With that in mind, we’re sending you one last offer to end this program with a bang!

We invite you to come in and redeem the offer that was emailed to all active rewards members for $5 OFF any order of $15 or more, anytime before Februay 28, 2022.

Thank you for being a loyal Cappza Rewards Club member.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional quality and service for many years to come!

We’re forever honored and will always say, “Thank you for trusting us to feed you and your family!”